An iPhone displaying a map on its screen. The map has various icons reading "The Dinosaur Museum", "Street Art Alley", and "Hometown Park".

The app for curious people

In new and familiar places, Amuse is your guide to uncovering the everyday extraordinary.
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There are hidden stories all around us.
A looping animation of a person holding a magnifying glass to a globe.
Amuse helps you explore and uncover these stories — the everyday extraordinary.
A looping animation of a pair of hands holding a map with various location pins appearing.
From fossils to sculptures and even the park in your hometown, adventure awaits.
A looping animation of a person sitting on a large paper airplane looking through a telescope.

Our leadership

A portrait of Dakota Stipp

Dakota Stipp

CEO & Co-Founder
A portrait of Tegan Scott

Tegan Scott

CTO & Co-Founder
A portrait of Caroline Record

Caroline Record

Head of Product

What people are saying

"An amazing opportunity for dialogue with the museum's constituents."
Museum Director
"The Google Maps of cultural storytelling."
"It's like a location-based TikTok for fun facts."
Marketing Director