Turning curious people into museum people

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Why Amuse?

Reach new audiences

Amuse is the platform connecting cultural storytellers to curious audiences. We provide multiple entry points and keep experiences low-commitment to maximize reach.

Join the network

Amuse is a growing network of museums, cities, non-profits, and digital creators that situates organizations of all sizes alongside one another to mutually bolster shared interests.

Informed decision-making

Data: we've got a lot of it, and we're making it available so institutions can understand what actually works and doesn't about their visitor engagement strategy.

Storytelling guidance

We do the leg work of user testing so you don't have to, and then we package those results into easily digestible guidelines to make content development a breeze.


It's a (long overdue) movement! Let's pool our resources together and build cultural experiences that are truly accessible for all.

More than the label

Amuse makes it easy to create QR codes and digitally expand on labels with multimedia, provenance, tagged images, and more.

Choose your solution

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Reach new audiences


Short-form videos and trivia
Featured alongside prominent institutions
User engagement insights
Direct new followers to preferred channels
Content insights
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Comprehensive digital engagement


Interactive indoor map
Integrated visitor feedback and analytics
Accessibility & provenance
Annotations for clustered displays
Digital labels w/ QR codes


Yale Peabody Museum

Our flagship experience is available Yale Peabody Museum, where visitors are invited to explore an interactive map of thought-provoking and awe-inspiring stories told by students, curators, and staff and designed to pique the interest of the casually curious.

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